Can Kagan Osman Aydogmus is one of the most famous spiritual organizers in Turkey and Middle East. Also he is the manager and representative of lots of world wide well known spiritual teachers. He coordinates the media relations of the teachers he work with and publish their books in Turkey as well. With his strong communication and creative skills he supported the teachers and speakers in exploring new ways for their teachings to be known and their messages to be distributed country wide.


Starting meditation before coming into his school-age with vast psychic abilities, he completed his education at Prestij College- İstanbul, and Egerto Rothesary School London - England. At the age 

of fourteen, he started his Feng Shui training for the following four years and became Feng Shui Master. He created his own technique on Magnetic Power Field to be used in the area of... He participated in mass meditation & energy meetings as a trainer & coordinator in Italy. Currently, he is the Publishing Coordinator & Consultant of FACES Magazine and the President of IACT / IMDHA Aylesbury College 


 Provide client-centered, success oriented, solution-focused and outcome-oriented high-energy systemic coaching & counseling with ongoing support and feedback in order to realize your desires and vision.


a) Assess the strength & weaknesses of buildings: There are many natural and human-caused stressful frequencies that are anchored on the land under houses or offices and in gardens that have negative effects on humans' health and their emotional harmony. Remedies and techniques are applied to harmonize and protect humans using the building space. A healthy-home check for electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies which are health-depleting in your environment and make suggestions on how to limit exposure to these invisible yet potentially harmful fields. b) Provide guidance on interior designing, decoration and architecture based on human psychology, sub-consciousness and body awareness. Instead of using Chinese objects, he prefers to use objects and patterns that appeal to the collective consciousness of that particular area. 



• Corporate psychology Training

• Corporate Consultancy & Couching

• Corporate System Constellation Certificate program

• Career Development Training

• Corporate Social Regulations, Creating Corporate Structure Training

• Past Lives Regression & Dream Awareness Training

• Reiki Master & Teacher

• Ra-Sheeba Master

• Electromagnetic Field Balancing Levels 1,2,3,4

• Astrology, Bio-energy, Psycho-kinesiology, NLP Training

• Subconscious & Emotions Management and therapy with elements

• Subtle & Physical Body Purification Training

• Angel Initiation - Archangel & Earth Angels

• Cosmos Training

• Kundalini Training & Meditation Mastership

• Speaking with Subtle & Physical Body Training

• Aura & Subtle Body Mastership 

• Osho Meditation Training

• Quan Yin Initiation

• Transforming our lives with Mantras Training

• Precious Stones Initiation & Training

• Atlantis Techniques Training

• Touch of Oneness Initiation & Training Seminar

• The Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop

• Psychic Protection

• Endorphin Effect Training

• The Path into Light Training

• Certified Angel Teacher Training by Charles Virtue

• Body Wisdom Expertise 

• Master Hypnotherapist & Member of IACT/IMDHA 

• Michael Newton 'Life between Lives' Training

• Vedic Astrology - Advance Level by Joni Patry

• Light Grids Practitioner Training by Damien Wynne

• Pranic Feeding Training by Jasmuheen